Menu items are used in such vertical menues and containers as Popovers, Sidebars, Drawers, Dialogs etc.

Menu item row heights can vary based on the amount of content in each row. The content in each row is flexible. By default, each menu item row height is Medium(md) 40px for one line of content.



MenuItem props
Name Type Required Default Description
title string No - Title of item, only if no slot is given
text string No - Some hint to be shown under the title
is_active boolean No false To mark menu item as an active (bg only)
is_selected boolean No false Selected/checked/expanded if role is given
role checkbox | switch | radio No - Role to MenuItem acts as
on_click event No - Role-depending event handler
width css_class No w-full Width of the item
class css_class No - Additional CSS class(es) for the item
as a | button No button HTML tag to be used to render item
attrs Map | List No %{} HTML attributes to be set for tag given by as