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A form input used for selecting a value: when collapsed it shows the currently selected option and when expanded, it shows a scrollable list of predefined options for the user to choose from. Options are not styled here. For list with styled options please use Dropdown component.




With label

Disabled and error

With hint

Please select gender

Hint with icon
Form.Select props
Name Type Required Default Description
id string No - Id to be given to the select tag
field atom No - Name of the field, usually should be taken from context
form form No - Form info, usually should be taken from context
options list No [] Options for select. Or list of keyword, either list of maps. Format: [%{key: shown_label, value: option_value, disabled: bool}], diisabled is optional
value any No - Selected option(s) value - do not use it inside the form, just for away-from-form components
disabled boolean No - Well, disabled
size sm | md | lg No "md" Common moon size property
class css_class No - Additional classes for the <select> tag
field_class css_class No - Additional classes for the <select> tag in case of floating label or Group
prompt string No - Some prompt to be shown on empty value
testid string No - Data-testid attribute value
error boolean No - Some additional styling will be set to indicate the field is invalid. Generally should be set by Form.Field component