Consistent among different brands

  • Same interaction and UI among different modules and sections (e.g. Cashier, Sidebar, Reg, Inputs etc)
  • Theming

Validating ideas/hypotheses for stakeholders

  • You can build your own UI app (Rapid Proto) faster and not from scratch
  • Benefit for hackathons
  • Quality

Reducing development costs

  • Devs from different teams don't need to implement the elements provided by Moon DS
  • There will be less time spent on discussions/alignment between devs and design
  • Designers don't need to create new elements for every project/task
  • Well-documented components library
  • Avoiding mistakes and bugs


  • Best practices across different brands
  • Lightweight (Less code = more performance)

Faster UI development

  • One place for all UI components (Source of truth)
  • Consistent icons
  • Non-frontend developers could build nice UI using Moon DS