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Switch is a control that is used to quickly switch between two possible states.

Switches are only used for these binary actions that occur immediately after the user “flips” the switch.

They are commonly used for “on/off” switches.





With icons

Custom background

Using with forms

Code example for full customization

On change

@is_dark = false # example works only in our site's context
Switch props
Name Type Required Default Description
checked boolean No false Is switch checked/unchecked
disabled boolean No - Set disabled/not disabled switch
on_bg_color css_class No bg-piccolo Tailwind class for custom on-state background color
off_bg_color css_class No bg-beerus Tailwind class for custom off-state background color
on_icon slot No - Set icon for checked state
off_icon slot No - Set icon for unchecked state
size 2xs | xs | sm No sm Size of switch
on_change event No - The function to call when the switch is toggled
class css_class No - Tailwind classes for customization
switcher_class css_class No - Tailwind classes for customization of switcher element